8 Warning Signs that you are Mentally and Physically Exhausted

Frustrated guy with hands in his hair

These past few months has really taken an emotional toll on all of us. Covid-19 has really left its mark in ways we couldn’t even imagine. A lot of people are emotionally and physically drained. This is not uncommon as we have to adjust daily to a new normal, a new way of living. It is nothing like we ever experienced before, and therefore we have nothing to compare it to. There is no frame of reference to guide us through what we are experiencing. We have to deal with fear, uncertainty, worry over loved ones, anxiety about our own health, our finances … the list goes on and on.

Below are some signs to look out for. If you are experiencing anything like this counselling could be of great help to you.

  1. You are easily irritated
  2. You feel unmotivated to do anything, even things you normally enjoy
  3. You are experiencing anxiety or even panic attacks
  4. You are having trouble sleeping
  5. You have no patience and you find yourself being short with family and friends
  6. You are experiencing indigestion or stomach aches
  7. You are more emotional than usual and may start crying unexpectedly
  8. You feel detached from reality

Remember it is never too early to seek help and support. Life is difficult at the moment, it is hard and uncertain. But it is not impossible to navigate all the ups and downs successfully with the right tools that can be provided through counselling.

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